WARSAW is a date movie with action and bromance.


Baz has just found out that the slick downtown investment firm he works for is really a ponzi-scheme. He is tempted to travel to Warsaw by Richard’s promises of money, women, and leisure as an English teacher. 


Baz quickly learns that Richard just needs a room-mate to pay the rent. His English teaching job is in a downtown brothel. His best friend sells his passport to the first Polish guy that looks like him for a thousand dollars and a smashed up ambulance. The culture is maddeningly strange with any discernible logic lost in translation.


Luckily he meets Serena, an eccentric performance artist that spends her days dressed as a mermaid. Things might end happily ever after... if Baz can convince the Russian mafia that he is not the REAL owner of an ambulance that was used to steal a corpse that was filled with high grade Turkish heroin.


With his best friend being forced to take part is a series of increasingly insane wagers, Baz and Serena must race against the clock to find the thieves that stole the body, steal it back ...and save the goldfish.