Myron and his partners have invented a new form of investment. It is a brilliant algorithm that sucks up money like a giant vacuum cleaner. The monstrous reality of his new power, coupled with a capacity for basic human compassion, has driven him completely insane. One of his partners is a crazed sociopath that may be pure evil. The other is an apathetic hedonist. His employees regularly threaten to murder schoolchildren. Thai revolutionaries want him dead. Swiss bankers want to be a part of the deal.


Kidnapped bond traders, crazy drug trips, and tiger veal. This is the story of a Wall Street genius that decided greed might not be good... and not a single asshole agreed with him.


It really happened.


The Trillionaires is inspired by the real life creation of “Long Term Capital Management” who in the early ‘90’s revolutionized hedge investments. By the time Asian economies melted down in the late 90’s and the American federal government stepped in, LTCM had global assets of 1.2 trillion dollars, roughly equivalent to the US annual budget. They started with liquid capital of 3 billion dollars. 


A wildly subversive comedy about greed, power, “tiger veal”

and the Nobel Prize for Economics.