Kurt Spenrath and Fred Kroestch are award winning documentary film makers. They have sold their souls to work in reality TV as “consultants”. Kurt has anger management problems. Fred has a sociopathic willingness to do any sneaky god damn thing he can to create conflict. Whatever they touch becomes way worse in an awesome way. 


Whenever a reality show is too smart, or too kind, or just plain old boring, their team is called in to stir things up for the greater glory of money.



“GREEK FAMILY RESTAURANT” should have all the makings of a great reality show. But it doesn’t. The traditional Greek patriarch is just fine with his son dropping out of grad school to pursue a rap career. The staff, many of them former ex-cons, have absolutely no problems with drugs or recidivism. The business is a modest success. ...It is not good TV.


Enter the producers. They attempt to deliberately stir up controversy between the father and son. They introduce vices old and new to the staff. They stash a dead coyote in the freezer and call the health inspector. They believe chaos creates cash.


Once they realize that their actions might shut down production of the show, they have to try to fix their own mischief. Luckily the show is saved when the restaurant owner has a massive on camera breakdown.