MOZHDAH was the first Afghan to sing at the Whitehouse. In 2010, Time Magazine called The Mozhdah Show “the latest sensation to hit Afghanistan’s television screens” and a “subversive stab at fixing the ills of Afghan society”. Journalists were amazed by the way audiences would freeze when she brought up topics like divorce. 

OPRAH’s final episode featured a duet with Madonna, and Tom Hanks offered to be a guest on her show.

But violence struck and she had to leave Afghanistan.

Now, Mozhdah is a struggling actress in Vancouver, trying to find a job as a Canadian television host. She makes occasional unannounced trips to Afghanistan... and is considering entering politics.

She wants to return to Kabul in a very public way.

The Mullahs do not approve of liberalization, but a growing body of people want a peaceful, modern society. The artists, the singers, and the writers are leading the way, and Mozhdah has the fame to be a lightning rod for the creativity, humour, and culture that will shape the future of her nation.

ENTER THE CULTURAL WORLD of Kabul as Mozhdah returns home to the screens and concert halls of Afghanistan. She is risking her life, but she is willing to do what she can to harness the hope and creativity of a nation. She is an Afghan. She is a woman. She is an artist.

If she can stay alive, she may be the future.