Hugh Kroestch is the last surviving member of the Hudson Bay Company Arctic Fur Trading Fleet. He was also the first crewman to bring a camera. His son, Fred, is self described “urban nerd” that works in film and television. Fred is going to prove to his father that he can follow in his footsteps and survive the Arctic.

Together, following the footage Hugh shot in the 1950’s, they are going to attempt to complete Hugh’s failed journey through the Northwest Passage. Along the way they will learn how the land has changed. They will learn if the video game generation has any guts.


They will learn what it means to be a father and son.

A six episode series about a father and son attempting to navigate the Northwest Passage, while comparing the present day Arctic to the mythical north of the 1950s. Each episode tackles a different social, ecological, political, and historical subject as the journey progresses. Along the way, urban film make Frederick Kroestch tries to re-create some of the wild adventures his father Hugh filmed over half a century earlier. Herding cariboo, stalking polar bear, surviving being frozen into the passage... Hugh did a ton of amazing things. Can his son keep up? Can these things still be done?

Will Hugh finally make it all the way across the passage?