Brice Folden is one of the most respected wildlife trackers in the world.  The Black Rhino. The Mountain Lion. The Komodo Dragon.

Armed with a tranquilizer gun, he is on a quest for exotic species.


HUNTING FOR SCIENCE combines extreme eco-tourism with the thrill of big game 


hunting. Each episode begins with charismatic host Brice Folden reporting to Tracker Tactical Control where he is given a creature to hunt and an exotic location. Once he is briefed on all the ways he could die, the adventure begins.


HUNTING FOR SCIENCE is unafraid to take on any challenge in any environment. Action packed, death defying tracking serves the objective of providing knowledge that could save a species. Respect for local customs, making new friends, eating strange foods, and saving species creates a joyful celebration of life.


Radical science. Radical adventure.