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Cousin Jay is a brilliant, highly educated engineer with a childlike imagination and a willingness to execute his wildest fantasies, no matter how unusual or inappropriate they may be.

Fred is a professional film critic with zero patience for idiocy and a tendency to drink.

Each episode revolves around Cousin Jay’s latest project. It can be anything from building a fort, to a new form of cooking, to teaching a sheep to play video games. An increasingly incredulous Fred points out the flaws in Cousin Jay’s logic, the randomness of his motivation, and the unintended philosophical ramifications of his actions. But sometimes he just loses his shit.It’s like Trailer Park Boys with a university education. It’s like Kenny vs. Spenny with science. The subjects know they are on camera, and the style has a cheeky self awareness. HAPPY TOWN is a documentary based on real people, as performed by the people on which it is based. Cousin Jay REALLY is an engineer and REALLY does engage in crazy projects just to see if he can. Fred REALLY does find this annoying.

Let the games begin!