IKONS AND THE ARMY is a story about a group of talented heavy metal musicians that are trying to make ends meet as journeyman on the edges of the rock empire. 


They play in a KISS tribute band for hundreds of screaming members of the KISS ARMY of fans. Anywhere too remote for KISS to play, IKONS is available.  It’s not enough to make them rich, but just enough to tempt them with a rock and roll lifestyle. 


They are ageing. Some of the band worry about mortgages and kids. Others are just trying to avoid being stuck in a dead end job as a strip
club DJ. 


For lead singer “Crazy” Dave Williams, who has tasted fame as a one hit wonder with the band Killinger, it’s about parties, tits, and metal.  He is a fucking animal.  Yet beneath the hedonistic surface, there is an awareness that putting on KISS makeup may be his last chance to make a decent living in the music business.


The show is awesome, but the business can make you insane.  From crooked promoters to crazed stalkers they have all the headaches of a rockstar, but few of the privileges. It’s a crazy mixture of ANVIL with HARD CORE LOGO and a touch of SPINAL TAP.