Mr. Saint Laurent is coming to Canada. There is an election going on, and he has to decide who to endorse. 


His great grandfather is considered one of the greatest Liberal Prime Ministers of all time. His father was a leading Republican strategist for Ronald Reagan. His vote could go to any of the political parties. He is going to follow the leaders and give one of them a chance to earn the endorsement of a first time voter. ...But first they have to explain themselves to someone that has never heard of them. 


Mister Saint Laurent is an infectious personality with great improvisational talent and keen journalistic insight. While he has been known to play the clown on television, Jared has the intellect to back it up. He is like a fat baby faced love child of David Frost and Mary Walsh.


Born to Canadian parents in Washington DC, he truly has not ever set foot in Canada and is not an obsessive follower of Canadian political personalities. While sharp, he is completely naive and has absolutely no bias. He will let the best ideas win.