BOOKS AND BULLETS tells the story of an extraordinarily young woman working in an extraordinarily dangerous part of the world.

According to the CIA factbook, nearly half the population of Afghanistan are under the age of 18. In a nation where life expectancy is less than 50 years, the only chance they have at emancipation is through education, working with the world to build themselves a better future.


At the age of 15 Azalea Lehndorff was force to make a choice.  She was growing up in America, and was a female child of a fundamentalist Christian family.   She could be pulled out of school to follow “God’s plan” and become a wife and mother, or she could take her sister and run away to follow her dreams of education and freedom.  She made the hard choice.


Although she was barely in her twenties and living as an immegrant in a conservative rural enclave in Western Canada, Azalea was inspired by a tale of bringing schools to remote Himalayan villages, and deecided that she would commit to building 100 classrooms in Afghanistan.  She wouldn’t take no for answer, and she is succeeding... so far.  


As of May 1st, 2013, she has already helped build 36 classrooms.


In the face of armed militias, corrupt officials, and a misogynistic culture, we follow Azalea as she atempts to break ground on her next round of bulding.  Her life is in constant danger, but good people want better futures for their children.

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