Off the coast of Vancouver Island is a treacherous stretch of waters that have claimed over 500 shipping vessels. In 1906, after the wreck of the SS Valencia, the government of Canada built a twisting series of tidal ladders and forest paths known as the Dominion Lifesaving Trail. Over a century later this is the backbone of one of the most beautiful and challenging hikes in the world.


One in fifty able bodied hikers that begin the journey will require emergency rescue and medical assistance.


Daniel Ennett is a quadruple amputee, television host, and internet sensation that has tackled downhill skiing, sailing, scuba diving, and a host of other adventures. Using a Canadian engineered adaptive device, Daniel and a group of friends will complete the 75 km journey along the West Coast Trail.


The goal of the journey is to raise awareness of amputee issues and aid in fund raising for adaptive technologies... or die trying!


As Daniel explores the 110 year history of the trail and the adventure stories of the Graveyard of the Pacific he will face a series of insane challenges. From black bears and cougars, to scaling ladders to escape the tide, to insects and rain storms, the West Coast Trail is not a journey for the weak or timid. 


Featuring stunning location filming, AMPED UP: PACIFIC CONQUEST is a ten day journey telling the story of one extraordinary individual that shatters expectations and stretches himself beyond the limits of
human endurance.