Open Sky Pictures is a video production company specializing in documentary and kittens.


"We fearlessly produce entertaining documentary content for a global audience."


We just won the audience award and jury award at the Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival in Texas, and recently won Cinefest in Bucharest with our short documentary Beneath the Surface. How cool is that? Frederick recently graduated from the NSI Producers Bootcamp, and is currently producing/directing a documentary about his father in the high arctic. Kurt is shooting his own documentary in Germany for the CBC.


Frederick and Kurt started the company because they love telling stories. They started by winning the first ever BravoFactual award in 2013. Since then they have been very busy producing shows for TELUS TV, CBC, Bravo and the NFB. Their series KittenTV is on its 6th season and is one of the most popular VOD products on TELUS TV. It's even on Emirates Airlines.

Recent Projects:

Snow Warrior has world Premiere at EIFF

Last of the Fur Traders played at Alberta Culture Days and Yellowknife International Film Festival

Stayed tuned for KittenTV 360 - Kittens Everywhere!!